Creepy Capers at Castle Dene!

11th November 2015

Halloween has grown in popularity in the UK, with shoppers spending over £450m this year alone as the creepy celebration becomes the second biggest party night after New Year’s Eve.

Costumes based on the Mexican Day of the Dead, zombies, the grim reaper and the 1980s film Ghostbusters were the most popular dress up options this year, with many spooky spectacles seen on the streets of Peterlee over the weekend. And with plenty of ghoulish goodies adorning Castle Dene’s shelves, there was no shortage of ways to put the frighteners on friends and family.

To add to the spirited skullduggery, freaky frolics and ghostly goings on, Castle Dene Shopping Centre hosted their own Monster Mugshots event on Friday 30th October. There was a free spooktacular Haunted House where big and little kids could be transformed into marvellous monsters and gruesome ghouls, with the help of the centre’s Fiendish Face Painters and Devilish Dress Up Crew.

Creepy Capers at Castle Dene!

Photos showing the spooktacular event!

“We were delighted to host an exciting event for shoppers over the Halloween weekend. We have had a great response to all the activities (both on the day and online) and look forward to hosting more events and spectacular shows at Castle Dene over the forthcoming months. There will also be further chances to win high-value prizes and shopping vouchers!”

Barry Parnell, Castle Dene’s Centre Manager

The Monster Mugshot Booth!

What’s more, the Monster Mugshot Booth, found inside the house of horrors, captured the results on Polaroid for people to take home and keep. These snaps have also been uploaded to Castle Dene’s Facebook page, where followers are currently voting for their favourite monstrous mugshot. The picture with the most votes will win a spine-tingling £100 to spend in the centre. Voting closes on Friday 6th November.