If your organisation is a not for profit/ community interest group/ local charity or free service information/ Emergency services/schools or NHS, please complete the below if you are eligible for a free space

    Please tick all boxes to confirm your organisation will provide the following documents to secure your space

    Please note that your risk assessment needs to be a similar format or to the standard like the HSE approved format (link provided in terms and conditions)

    Valid Public Liability Insurance for £10millionSite specific Risk Assessment covering the event set upDo you need power?Do all your electrical items hold a valid PAT (Patatable Appliance Test) test sticker?

    Dates are taken up quickly, please list your preference below

    Thank you for the information - please note we will contact you within 7 working days

    *Terms and conditions

    • No tables, chairs or equipment will be provided by Castle Dene
    • The stall must be manned for the entire day- if you have any queries or concerns these must be discussed at time of booking
    • Monday to Saturday you must be set up by 9am and the earliest time to take down is 4.30pm
    • Sunday you must be set up by 10am and cannot take down until 4pm
    • Not adhering to these times will result in no further bookings made between yourself and the centre
    • Allocated space will be sent with your acceptance booking, no free roaming unless previously agreed.
    • Castle Dene has the right to amend or change the booking or change the location of the space with prior notification
    • Any collections/donations must be in sealed buckets and pre-approved
    • No food or drink is allowed on the stall- discretion is taken with drinks at your own risk and liability
    • Maximum 3 people on the stall at one time unless previously agreed
    • Breaks should be staggered for full coverage of the stand
    • Rubbish must be picked up if dropped immediately by your staff
    • At the end of the day you must remove all your rubbish
    • Your stall must look and feel plentiful all day
    • Bookings are based on a first come first served basis and viewed on a case by case basis
    • Posters cannot be installed around the centre or stall, including attaching to walls- A1 posters can be installed by approval only and 7 days prior
    • No responsibility or liability can be taken for your equipment
    • Personal possessions to be out of public view
    • No stock or equipment can be stored overnight, this is your responsibility
    • Size and location must be adhered to for the entire event
    • You cannot approach people they must approach you
    • Evaluation after the event will be required for eligibility of another booking being made
    • Pre-event evidence may be required showing how you are promoting the event
    • Alcohol is not permitted to be sold/raffled as we do not hold a licence
    • Parking is not provided
    • Smart clothes or logo uniform is acceptable
    • Maximum height restriction of 1.8m must always be adhered to

    What do you need to do now?
    Print the complete application and send to info@castledenepeterlee.co.uk

    • Send a site-specific risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) minimum of 4 weeks before your due date
    • Example Risk Assessment is available from HST via this link https://www.hse.gov.uk/simple-health-safety/risk/risk-assessment-template-and-examples.htm
    • Send a copy of your public liability insurance- no less than £10 Million minimum of 4 weeks before your due date
    • Send evidence of pre-promotion – press/social media coverage/ posters/signage
    • Send feedback with photos of the event and any data including money raised one week following the event
    • Banners and pull up stands must also form part of your RAMS

    On the day

    • Any items of electricity must be PAT tested or evidence that the item is under 1 year old
    • Any electrically extensions must be fully coiled out and safely taped down- this must form part of your RAMS
    • Bring your equipment to the centre by the safest route possible
    • Sign in and out at security control
    • Enjoy your day!