Castle Dene’s Little Shops of Horrors

4th October 2017

Whether you’re the scariest pumpkin in the patch or the creepiest in Castle Dene, we’re counting down until the ghosts and ghouls make their way to Castle Dene Shopping Centre. Join us this October for a fang-tastic Halloween and let us show you how to create your own frightening feasts!

DIY Doughnut Spiders

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to involve the kids this Halloween, take a look at these 8-legged delights. 









Step 1

Little ones, be sure to ask an older helper to cut two curved sides off a delicious pretzel and arrange 8 curves in to the top of a mini doughnut. Don’t press too hard as they could snap and leave your sneaky spider leg-less. We recommend grabbing your doughnuts from our friends at Aldi or Iceland as we believe they’re extra spooktacular.

Step 2

Melt a little chocolate into a sandwich bag and snip off the corner. Use this to stick two M&M’s on to create your spider’s beady eyes! We’ve heard M&M’s from Poundworld in Castle Dene are a witch’s favourite type.

Step 3

Serve your spooky spiders to friends or leave them in the kitchen. They may mysteriously disappear!

We’re also holding our own Halloween events and would love to see you getting involved. To find out what’s on in the centre, visit our website here

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